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Nokia – R.I.P

Nokia begins smartphone fightback with new handsets:

“Finnish phone giant Nokia has vowed to fight back as it battles for customers in the increasingly competitive smartphone market. The company unveiled three new smartphones – E7, C7 and an updated C6 – at London’s Nokia World conference. Nokia is still the largest maker of smartphones but is facing stiff competition from the likes of Apple, Google and Blackberry maker RIM”.

Sadly for Nokia, rather than fighting back they’re carrying on with the same old same-old path, making these phones on the Symbian-OS which delivered a great user experience in 2004, but has basically delivered the same user experience since 2004 – having been completely overtaken by Android and iPhone-OS over the past two years; a view of website mobile access statistics shows that whereas Android and iPhone still have relatively small market shares in terms of handsets, when it comes to what people actually do with those handsets, they’re looking at websites on them, in the way Symbian users just aren’t – Symbian users by and large only use their phones to make phone calls. Symbian is so considered to be a lame duck that the editor of a leading Symbian blog announced on July 1st that he was knocking it on the head in favour of Android.

It’s also a backpedal on Nokia’s previously made commitment to the Maemo (now Meego) mobile operating systems, where they announced that their high-end devices would move over to the Linux-based OS which is actually very easy to use (I’ve been using it on a Nokia N810 since last year, and it actually persuaded me that Linux had matured into a user OS from a geek OS), removing their non-smartphones (apparently such things do still exist) from their range entirely, and leaving Symbian behind to just put on low-end devices.

So by announcing three new devices as supposedly flagships which will use a dead OS in a major market event, they’re basically throwing in the towel.

The cheque – R.I.P.

“Cheques will be phased out by October 2018, but only if adequate alternatives are developed, the UK Payments Council – the body that oversees payments strategy – has said. The Council said there should be ‘no scenario’ for using cheques by 2018. The target date for the closure of the system that processes cheques has been [...]

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