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Plan to boost electric car sales

“Motorists will be offered subsidies of up to £5,000 to encourage them to buy electric or plug-in hybrid cars under plans announced by the government. It is part of the government’s £250m plan to promote low carbon transport over the next five years”.

Sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? I have to admit, for years I myself was a bit of a supporter of fully electric cars as a green solution to the problem of urban transport – even allowing for the flaw in the solution of it moving the pollution from the city streets to where the power stations are.

However, I heard the other day somebody express a much more significant flaw with electric cars.

Most people live in towns and cities.

Most people don’t have garages connected to their houses.

Many people are often lucky if they can park their car in their own street, let alone directly outside their own house.

Where will most people plug their electric cars in to recharge overnight?

In short, that’s £250m which would be far better spent elsewhere.

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