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The Archers 60th Anniversary Special

January 1st, 2011 will represent the 60th anniversary of the Radio 4 tale of ordinary farming folk, The Archers.

In the best traditions of milestone soap opera anniversaries, the script writers are promising something extra special and extra explosive for the feature double-length episode on January 2nd. For a bit of fun, here are my predictions as to what the options for that explosive episode might be, based on the storylines that have been developing over the last week or two:

  • The crims who are rustling hay come round and torch the barn at Brookfield, with somebody inside it – it’ll be just like Grace all over again
  • Helen will have a miscarriage as a result of her over-exertions and ignoring the advice of the medical professionals
  • Pip takes her driving test before she’s ready to and ends up crashing the car big-style
  • Phoebe steals a wad of cash, runs away and gets a plane to South Africa to join Kate
  • Joe Grundy, enjoying his new found pastry chef skills developed whilst Clarrie has been laid up with her broken wrist gets overconfident has a terrible baking accident involving Bartleby and the cider shed.

So there.

The Quest

This year we decided to enter the second in the now annual Birmingham creative community‘s 48 hour film challenge, Filmdash. The idea of making a stop motion animation is one we had last year, but beyond doing a test shot of two seconds with Tailycat – our lead in The Quest – we hadn’t got [...]

Costs of BBC Radio

Today, in response to the confirmation of the news that the BBC intends to close BBC 6 Music and BBC Asian Network, I’ve lodged a Freedom of Information request in order to find out how much the various national radio stations cost – and thus whether the two stations facing closure represent sufficiently poor value [...]

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