The Albert Memorial is still there

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This is simon gray's blog. On it I write mostly commentary on the news of the day, but sometimes I write about other things too. Why's it called 'The Albert Memorial is still there'? It's after a James Burke documentary series 'The Real Thing' in which in one episode as a television news reporter he files a live report announcing that the Albert Memorial is still there - seconds later, it blows up.

#gallerycamp13 – A one day unconference for people who work in or have an interest in the contents of galleries

On Monday 9 September I went to Gallerycamp – a one day unconference for people who work in, provide content for, or are otherwise interested in the future of galleries, with a special focus on how they might make more use of that thing we nebulously call ‘digital’, or ‘new technologies’. Just as it’s often […]

#gallerycamp13 – How can gallery people use the social web as real people?

Dan Slee opened this discussion based on his experience of how staff who use Twitter (and other examples of the social web space) on behalf of organisations are usually more effective at it if they’re empowered to post with a human voice rather than a bland corporate voice. Galleries have an advantage over other parts […]

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